Bollards are usually installed for two main reasons

  • Safety for Public
  • Preventing stolen vehicles being driven into businesses for attempting theft.

Standard Bollards

BollardsStandard Bollards are installed to protect pedestrians, employees and the building from vehicles being driven by distracted drivers backing over curbs and such.

Standard Bollards are also often used to prevent dangerous criminals driving into buildings using stolen vehicles. This often ends in a great deal of structural damage to the business owner and costs to the vehicle owner.

Our bollards are made of 6 ⅝ diameter pipe and ¼ inch nailed embedded in 2 feet of concrete capped with concrete.

You have a choice of powder coating or poly safety sleeve visible to traffic.

Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards are designed to be installed in front of bay doors, drive ways or lanes.

They have a sleeve embedded into the ground with concrete which the bollard can be locked into place or easily removed to crease or deny access.